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What We Do

What we do:

We are a team of young, driven, and passionate women who provide design-forward products to a market dedicated to safe, natural, and nourishing care.

Awoke designs and creates products that focus on providing evidence-led insight to ensure that people do not use harmful ingredients. Our aim is to support caregivers in nourishing their babies, as well as themselves, through the largest organ of the body: the skin. The products are formulated for maximum absorption and benefits through massage of the skin and growing muscles.

Our guides and instructions are based on the essence of touch. Touch is one of the first senses we learn in the womb and it is through touch that we encourage feelings of love and nourishment between baby and caregiver, while communicating love and security. Touch also enables energy transfer, allowing for natural, calming, and healing benefits.

We awoke to a community that we can empower, awaken, and educate through the knowledge of touch.


Awoke Company