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Q. What makes Awoke Oils so unique?

All ingredients are very clean, natural, if not organic and are credibly sourced. We focused on the formulation of a nutrient dense, non-greasy and a high absorbency oil compared to a lot of other massage oils in the market. Awoke oils are packed in glass bottles to keep the freshness alive, provide protection from sun damage, allowing ingredients to stay as fresh as possible. 

Q. Is your Nourishing Massage Oil safe for newborns with sensitive skin?

Yes! Our Newbie Nourishing Oil was made to be suitable for Newborns as it is toxin and scent free, made from natural ingredients. We noticed most baby massage oils did not suggest if they were safe for Newborns. All oils blended are filled with anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants. Our formula is also antibacterial which is powerful for combating sensitive skin. We are happy to suggest using this oil to assist in moisturizing your baby's skin to try to help prevent skin irritations. 

Q. Why have we used Almond Oil, which is a nut in our Newborn oil?

Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E and high in antioxidants. Research found that using almond oil on premature babies improved their skin’s thickness and strength without any side-effects. Research also suggests, when exposing an infant less than 6 months of age to a nut, may decrease the risk of an allergy by 33%. 

Q. Are the essential oils used in your miracle kit safe for babies?

All essential oils used in our miracle kit are safe in infants over 4 months of age. All oils are safely diluted according to guidelines of John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital of the National Institute of Aromatherapy.

Q. I am pregnant, can I massage these oils into my baby’s skin?

The Nourishing Massage Oil is absolutely safe, we recommend it for your growing belly as matter of fact, as it is rich in nutrients it helps moisturize and assist in reducing the appearances of stretch marks.

We suggest avoiding the Little Miracle Kit to be applied on your skin in the first trimester, which is why we made the oils into rollers for ease of application. It is safer after the second trimester in small quantities (such as applying it on to your child). Our selection of essential oils are suggested to be safe for babies, and therefore for pregnancy as well. Always consult your doctor if you have any further concerns or questions. 

Q. My baby has a skin issue and is on a prescription cream, is your oil safe to use?

We recommend you consult your doctor before applying any products. Please follow your healthcare provider recommendations, we hope it helps soothe your baby's skin. 

Q. Where do you manufacture your Oils?

We manufacture our oils in Canada!

Q. Can I recycle your packaging and bottles?

Of course! Our packaging is made from paper, our bottles are made from glass with plastic lids, and our pouches for the little miracle kit are made from recycled plastic bottles! 

Q. How much oil can I use on my baby?

Nourishing Massage Oil: Feel free to lather your baby up! 

Little Miracle Kit: These oils are safe to use on a regular basis but please be mindful of using them. We do not suggest making them a habit for multiple times a day usage, or recommend using them all at one go, as it can confuse the baby. Please also use them as directed, as you do not want to mix ‘Happy Baby’ with ‘Sleepy Time’. These oils are not health products, but are meant to assist in changing the mood by impacting the external environment of the baby through scents and touch!