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Awoke Awareness

When we decided to create a brand for our company, we realized that the concept of “being aware” was of most value to us. As a company powered by women, we wanted to ensure that we can provide enlightenment and awareness to causes that are dear to our hearts. 

As our goal is to provide nourishment to children, as well as mothers and caregivers, we wanted to dedicate ourselves to raising awareness for such social justice affairs. Focusing on our youth who are serving as the upcoming generation, it is incredibly disheartening that child-trafficking is still so prominent in our world today. 

We currently have a few organizations that we are emotionally invested in, and look forward to supporting these causes as much as possible as we continue to grow. We have made it our priority to donate a portion of our proceeds to a diverse set of NGOs.


For further information on who we support, please see webpage below:

Free Them, A Canadian, Woman Owned Non-Profit